Most of our horse feeds are based around Buckeye's horse products.

We have two 12% horse feeds that we produce in house. Our MHJB horse feed is a high oats formula that uses Buckeye's Gro 'n Win mixer pellet, Canadian re-cleaned oats, non-GMO corn, soy oil and a minimal amount of molasses. This feed will not settle and clump. And you will not have to top dress your feed to keep your horses in condition. This formula has been in use at Mt. Hope Elevator for 18 years and is very popular. It is available in 50 pound bags.

Our more economical 12% horse feed, Cloverleaf, uses our own protein pellet along with our non-GMO corn, Canadian recleaned oats, minimal molasses, and our own horse mineral with yucca. Yucca is a natural acid neutralizer and a bacteria fighter. This feed is available in 80 pound bags and is becoming a favorite with our customers.

Gro 'n Win is a Buckeye product that can be used as a complete feed, but is more often used as a ration balancer. If your horses are on hay or pasture Gro 'n Win will provide all the vitamins and minerals that are missing in their forage. Gro 'n Win is a low starch and low glycemic product that has stood the test of time.

EQ8 is a gut health product that also comes from Buckeye. It contains cooked grains and probiotics with live active microbes. This product works great on sick and stressed animals.

Ultimate Finish 25 is a high fat, 25%, supplement. Ultimate Finish can be used to increase calories without having to add additional grains. This product works well for horses that are competing at a high level, training, or getting them conditioned for sale. Ultimate Finish is also made by Buckeye.