Buckeye's Gro 'n Win has been a staple for us here at Mt. Hope Elevator. It has been the base for our MHJB's 12% high oats horse feed for 17 years. This formulation will keep your horses in tip top condition without any top dressing unless you have been working them very hard or you want them to be in a high stepping and prancing mood at all times.

We also recommend Gro 'n Win to customers that need a ration balancer to feed with their oats or grass forage. It will supply all the vitamins and minerals that are missing in your forage or grain.

If you have an easy keeper or a horse that is obese you can take them off of grain and feed them 2# of Gro 'n Win a day along with hay and they will stay in great condition.

Gro 'n Win is specifically formulated for these applications and is suitable for all life stages. If you need more energy for the level of competition that your horses are competing at we recommend to top dress with Buckeye's Ultimate Finish 25.

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